We have been working for 16 years on new ways to innovate our in home funeral services, constantly looking for ways to improve them. Lakeside Memorial Chapel is experienced in helping our clients achieve their goals.

When you need help, and a company that provides in home funeral services is the only place you can turn, give our team at Lakeside Memorial Chapel a call. We will work tirelessly with any customer in Greenacres looking for assistance.

After 16 years in business, we know that each person has different in home funeral goals and visions. There are no templates to the in home funeral services that we here at Lakeside Memorial Chapel offer, and we always take the time to get to know every customer in Greenacres individually to make sure we are providing the services they need and want.

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Well established in the Greenacres area, we can offer our 16 years of practice to ensuring your in home funeral needs are properly met.

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