With our 16 years of experience, Lakeside Memorial Chapel knows how to create funeral home services for all needs. We have helped countless customers throughout the Lantana area and want to continue providing our services for years to come to better our business, your business and the local community.

For 16 years, we have been working in the funeral home field trying to improve our services for the benefit of our customers. At Lakeside Memorial Chapel, we use our experience to improve the services we provide to our Lantana customers, and everyone else who we serve in the surrounding areas.

At Lakeside Memorial Chapel, our 16 years of experience have led to us constantly being on top of how our clients are taking to our funeral home services. We want everyone throughout the Lantana area to know that we strive to be their number one provider of funeral home services.

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Finding proper funeral home matters in the Lantana area can be tough. We can make your search easier at Lakeside Memorial Chapel.

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