For 16 years, we here at Lakeside Memorial Chapel have been providing Cremation services to clients who need them. We work hard to create services that meet the needs of our clients in Loxahatchee.

Cremation services are meant to help the client achieve their needs and goals. At Lakeside Memorial Chapel, we maintain this as our focus and ensure that no matter what service our Loxahatchee clients choose us for, they are receiving something that they can count on.

With our 16 years of experience, Lakeside Memorial Chapel knows how to create Cremation services for all needs. We have helped countless customers throughout the Loxahatchee area and want to continue providing our services for years to come to better our business, your business and the local community.

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Come see how well we can answer your Cremation related matters. If you are in the Loxahatchee area, stop in today. With other questions, call us at (561) 557-4739 for assistance.

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